Tejas Premium Meats, LLC 3555 FM 67, Itasca, Tx 76055 ( 254-687-9710 )


Tejas Premium Meats, LLC 3555 FM 67, Itasca, Texas 76055 (254-687-9710)

Custom Beef Harvesting, Production and Export USDA est. 46339

Tejas Premium Meats - Means Custom

If you are looking for a custom beef harvesting plant that puts your specific requirements ahead of all the others, welcome to our house. We have combined traditional beef slaughter business processes with current advance technology and managing these strengths with a custom team of professionals. We prepare your products for delivery to the world.

Call us today and we will work with you to map the process from the pens to the box based specifically on your breed, care, cut and packaging needs.

254-687-9710 ask for Allen Gilbert 


Holding Pens - Temple Grandin

The custom process begins with care and humane animal management. Animals are unloaded and held in an environment based on a design by Temple Grandin, providing optimum humane care.

Temple Grandin’s holding pen designs are highly respected worldwide. Her goal of providing a lower stress environment for the animal is found in her ground-breaking arrays. 


Custom Harvest

The Tejas Premium Meats facility has been designed for maximum efficiency. Technology is implemented from beginning to end with structure for handing Wagyu and other large breeds. 

We are prepared to manage just about any bovine from Black Angus to Wagyu. If you have Bison or other large exotics, bring them on. 

Give us a call and let's discuss how we can slaughter your animals


Fabrication and Production

Every order is custom designed based on your needs and with additional guidance by our Plant Manager, Allen Gilbert.

Your requirements set in motion the specific products, labeling and packaging. Each cut is produced to meet your yields and targets.

Provide your own cut sheet or let us help you create a list that exceeds your goals.  


Portioned Product

In addition to general primal cuts, we offer custom portioned products. Whether you want steaks, roasts, cubed or grinds, we can prepare each to your requests.

In addition to general cryovac packaging, we can seal your individual cuts though our multivac roll stock process providing a stunning black backing with the clear top for retail shelf ready environments.


Warehousing and Shipping

All product is managed by Nick Christmann, our Warehouse Manager. All product is stored per your requirements. Whether chilled or frozen, we offer temporary space until your product leaves the facility. 

Nick will work directly with you to facilitate the preparation of your product for pickup or delivery to your destination.



We are currently approved for exporting to these countries. We are continuing to get approvals for many more countries.


Mexico  -  Chile

Hong Kong  -  China

Singapore  -  Korea  -  Taiwan

Kuwait  -  UAE  -  Qatar

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We love to give tours, so call us to set up an appointment.

Tejas Premium Meats, LLC

3555 Farm to Market 67 Itasca, Texas 76055

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